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Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Are you tired of waking up each morning thinking, "I'm going to be good today?"

If you struggle with emotional eating, bingeing, or have been on a countless number of "start-stop" diets, please hear that this is a safe place for you to explore your relationship with food and your body, in all of it’s complexity, without the fear of being judged or prescribed another diet. I imagine that if you are here, you know full well that diets don’t work. They can certainly be enticing with their gimmicks, but more often than not leave a person feeling even more defeated and more entrenched in their eating struggles. 


In our work together, we will explore your experiences and the messages that you have received about food, eating and your body. I will help you to process the impact it has had on your sense of Self, gain insight into the function of your eating problems, help you to discern emotional needs from physical hunger, and develop a relationship with food and your body that is grounded in self-care and self-respect. 

Your struggle with food and weight is far more complicated than an issue of willpower!

It is not about being weak. It won't be solved by dieting.

Your "good-ness" is NOT determined by what you eat.

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