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Holding Hands

Teen Therapy:

Therapy is a neutral place for your teen to gain clarity about why they do the things they do, improve coping strategies, gain confidence and learn to better express their needs and feelings. I am intentional about finding creative ways to connect to teens and offer them a variety of methods for communication and self-expression. Teens often tell me that I am "easy to talk with" and they enjoy coming to session (even when reluctant at first). Your child and I will work together to figure out what is most comfortable and helpful in this process. 


Therapy for Parents: 

If your child is struggling, the likelihood is that you are hurting, too. It is important for you to have support. Parents who seek their own therapy often report that it is immensely helpful, not only for themselves, but also in learning ways to better support their child. Parents often bear the brunt of difficult behaviors, emotions and attitudes of a teenager. If you have been on this receiving end, you know full well that strong emotions and reactions are likely to be triggered in yourself. Therapy provides you the space to process your own triggers, feelings, and challenges so that you can parent your teen from a less reactive, and more centered place. 

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