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Find Peace.
Discover Balance.
Be Present in your life.

Heal your relationship with food and your body.
Freedom is possible.



I work with a lot of people who go through their life feeling as if they are too much and simultaneously not enough. There is a relentless voice in the back of their mind that is constantly pointing out the ways in which they don't measure up and they worry that “if people really knew…” 


It is important to me that therapy be a space where you get to be exactly who you are. Even if you believe you are too much. Even if you believe you are not enough. This is YOUR space. It is where that tiny, quiet voice can be spoken or that mighty roar let out. I invite you to take up this space in whatever way you need. 


You do not have to be defined by who the world thinks you should be, or by your past, or your problems, or the limiting beliefs you have about yourself. This is a space where you can just BE. 


Healing happens in this space.

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CA Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, License No 89390 



Eating Disorders

Eating is one of our most basic needs. Yet for many people, food has become a source of struggle rather than nourishment. If you find yourself obsessing about food, turning to or away from food for emotional relief, and plagued by insecurities about your body, you are not alone and there is help.

Teens will often use behavior to try to understand themselves and express feelings they can’t yet articulate. It may seem impulsive, irrational, and out of of character. Therapy is a neutral place for your child to gain clarity about why they do the things they do, improve coping strategies, gain confidence and learn to better express their needs and feelings. 

I work with a lot of people who struggle with anxiety, depression, have been through trauma, or feel stuck and dissatisfied in some aspect of their lives. They often start therapy wanting to find relief and make a change, but are unable to pinpoint what that change might look like or how to go about achieving it. 

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